Digitanimal. Cattle localization and monitoring system

Digitanimal. Control your Cattle wherever you are
We introduce you to Digitanimal, the most powerful and effective cattle localization and monitoring system on the market.

Digitanimal. Control your Cattle wherever you are

We introduce you to Digitanimal, the most powerful and effective cattle localization and monitoring system on the market.

In 2014, four professionals, an Industrial and livestock engineer, two physicists and a telecommunications engineer, joined forces to create Stepla (current Digitanimal). The idea arose with the objective of covering a professional need of our livestock partner: “to solve the problems that he had in order to locate the newly born cows and consequently reduce the high probability of having losses in the herd.”

Since the very beginning, at Digitanimal we have worked so that farmers improve both the quality of their herd and the quality of their personal lives.

Digitanimal is currently formed by a professional team of 10 people, including veterinarians, cattle ranchers, physicists, telecommunications and computer engineers.

Our veterinarian works close to Serida (Public Entity manager of matters related to livestock, belonging to the Government of the Principality of Asturias), studying animal behavior, with the idea of improving the detection algorithms of both the attitudes of animals and their Possible anomalies.

Our computer and telecommunications engineers develop and improve both the access platform of the users, and the electronics linked to the system.

Digitanimal after a long development, and going through different phases, was consolidated in 2016 and managed to reach more than 100 farms in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Australia.

Digitanimal’s localization and monitoring system consists of a device installed on a collar that is mounted on the neck of the animals to study and monitor them. The system issues information 24 hours a day. This information is received on our servers for further analysis and processing to show, in the best and simplest way, the information to our breeders.

98% of our users recognize being very satisfied with our system, which encourages us to keep working to improve it.

These are some of the latest functionalities that we have introduced in Digitanimal:

  • Better performance in signal emission
  • Incorporation of a temperature probe to control the surface temperature of the animals.

The temperature probe is the best innovation we can find in the system, as it will offer its users more information about the state of the animal and can detect early anomalies.

With the latest version of Digitanimal the cattleman can detect thefts, losses or deaths of the animal in such a way that, from his house, he will be able to monitor many more parameters of the own animal than he controlled until now.

Digitanimal is a tool to help the farmer in his tasks, to improve the performance of the exploitation and, above all, to improve animal welfare.

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