Reads the battery level and alerts if the PPE or mobile phone with the app installed has low battery or if it is turned off

It locates workers’ position outdoors with GNSS (navigation through satellites.

Indoors location using RF antennae network strength mapping

Fall Detection & 3D motion tracking

Detecting falls, lack of movement, high accelerations, and other anomalies. Self-adjusts the detection threshold depending on the worker’s historical activity. Sends automatic alarms to the Safety Management Centre.

Evacuation Alarm

In case of emergency, displays the number of injured people and its location, and notifies it to the emergency corps required. Workers can get accurate indications to guide them during the evacuation process, avoiding dangerous crowds

Unauthorized Access Detection

Detects a worker in an area where he is not authorized, and also alerts when an area exceeds the maximum number of workers permitted


How it works

The GuardiaN angel

VardiaN is like a GuardiaN angel, keeping an eye on the worker location and activity, using GNNS and sensors that can be either on the smart phone of the worker or in the PPE.


Carlos Callejero, CEO of Sensowave

I feel secure with VardiaN.

With VardiaN I am not alone, if something happens to me immediately an alarm will be triggered, and I will be rescued. It’s like a helmet, I always wear it and nothing has ever happened to me, but I feel safer with it.

Marcos, Drams

VardiaN Cloud Platform

The platform has access also to the detailed information of the site and the access control and working groups databases, reinforcing infrastructure security against any intrusion or sabotage Satellite Connection

VardiaN Satellite 

To minimize the damage caused by an accident, the emergency services must be immediately notified with the exact location of the accident as well as the quickest route.

Personal Protective Equipment

Depending on the worker’s individual equipment and environment, two different solutions are available: An App if the operator already has a corporative smartphone or a wearable EPI Individual Personal Protection System, optional with ATEX casing

Big Data Analysis

To detect any anomaly and minimize false alarms, the platform has a big data module with algorithms optimized for each worker.

Try VardiaN

Do not take the risk to suffer an accident in your installations. We can design a customized solution for your industry.

You can try VardiaN right now!!!


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