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It is our pleasure to inform you that the European digital publication 4D4F has recently written an article on Digitanimal in which all its readers in Europe are informed about our company and about our livestock monitoring and tracking system.

The Data Driven Dairy Decision For Farmers Thematic Network (4D4F) aims to develop an information network for breeders, technology providers, knowledge exchange practitioners, advisers, veterinarians and researchers, with the aim of improving decision-making processes In dairy farms, based on the information generated by sensors.

In the article 4D4F.eu highlights of the system of Digitanimal what types of farms are currently using it, the technology uses our system, how it is used by farmers (with special emphasis on ease of use), the type of information and alerts Which generates the system for its users, as well as the benefits it brings to breeders who are currently using it, which summarizes them in: safety, considerable time savings in locating livestock and control of their animals in case of illness , Attacks, …

In short, 4D4F.eu concludes that Digitanimal helps to improve the quality of life of farmers for the help it gives them in their livestock exploitation.

We are very grateful to 4D4F for this article and for the good comments he has made from us.

If you want to read this article you can access it through this link

The Digitanimal Team

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