Sensowave as part of Cattlechain event to optimize farm productivity and animal welfare

Sensowave participates as a partner in the Cattlechain project, aiming to improve farm productivity and animal welfare while ensuring fully transparent traceability of processes by integrating advanced IoT, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technologies within the open source FIWARE platform.

Cattlechain Event

As a result of this project, an event has been created to present the objectives and results, as well as the new lines of work and collaboration that will be expanded. Project partners will present the solutions developed in the scope of the project that combine IoT devices and external sensors with a new generation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and blockchain technologies.

The event will present the objectives and results of a key project for the digital transformation of the livestock sector, which is committed to bridging the digital gap between consumers and livestock farmers, sharing with the consumer the entire production process from Farm2Fork.

The event will feature in its opening ceremony the presence of the General Director of Rural Development, Innovation and Agrifood Training, Isabel Bombal.

The date chosen for this online presentation will be the 29th of March, 2022 – 12:00 AM – 14:00 PM. Attendees will be able to join the online event here.